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When life gives you…

…use them to support good health! Lemons are an amazing fruit! There are many health benefits to including fresh squeezed lemon juice in your diet: Lemon juice is acidic, but once it has been digested it helps to alkalize your body. Many people eat a diet high too high in sugar, animal products, and grains […]

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Cooking classes now open for registration!

We have opened up registration for our first 4 classes of 2013! Dust off the winter cobwebs and get your body ready for spring! In May we are holding brand new Spring Detox classes. We will prepare and sample a small feast of detoxifying foods. You will receive copies of all the recipes so that you […]

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Macha Green Tea

Feeling a bit low on energy today? Have an Energizing Macha Smoothie!

Energizing Macha Smoothie Yields 1 serving Ingredients Handful of ice cubes 1 tbsp chia seeds ½ pear, stem & seeds removed 1 tbsp raw unpasteurized honey 1 tbsp unrefined virigin coconut oil Pinch of cinnamon ¼ tsp macha green tea powder 2 kale leaves, washed and stems removed 1 cup of water   *note that […]

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black beans

Cool Beans

While beans are a staple food for many cultures around the world, these little guys are lacking in the standard North American diet which relies heavily on meat, dairy and refined grain products. I regularly suggest that my patients eat more beans to improve their overall nutrition and treat certain health conditions. Here are a […]

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