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Heart Tarts

Raspberry Rhubarb Heart Tarts

I flat out REFUSE to deprive myself of delicious food. Sometimes that means I indulge in things that are less than healthy. Poutine. Pizza. Potato chips… When you’re crazy about food, temptation lurks around every corner. This brings me to point out public enemy #1. The butter tart. These sinfully sweet bikini body saboteurs get me […]

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Astounding Asparagus

The weather is turning warmer and farmers markets are starting up again. One of the first vegetables available in May is asparagus. We often hear about the heath benefits of garlic, broccoli, and kale, but never much about asparagus. I decided to consult my top nutrition resources and was astounded by what I learned. There […]

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Cardamom can do what?

When developing a detox-friendly dessert recipe for our most recent cooking class, the final touch for my chocolate chia mousse pudding was Cardamom. I must admit that when I added this exotic spice to the recipe, I did so without considering it’s health benefits. I added it because I love Cardamom! I didn’t know much about […]

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Homemade veggie burger, roasted sweet potatoes, and sprout salad.

Does eating healthy require a lot of time & money?

A topic for discussion that often comes up with cooking class guests and friends is that it is difficult to eat healthy, both due to limited time and budget. Time Some people are truly too busy to cook and eat healthy, but for most people it’s simply a matter of shifting priorities, planning, and learning […]

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