Our Story

It all started with a piece of cheesecake.

During the summer of 2011, Aranka Jones spent her Saturdays at the Collingwood Farmers’ Market handing out delicious homemade cheesecake – raw vegan cheesecake to be exact – along with gluten-free cupcakes and other allergy/artery/waistline friendly treats. You may ask yourself, “why would a doctor do such a thing?” and you wouldn’t be the first. Aranka’s intention was to promote healthy living and preventive medicine through delicious, nutritious food, handmade in her kitchen.

Enter Jordan Swartz, at the time a recent graduate of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition and an aspiring gourmet chef. Jordan made a habit of visiting the local farmers’ market for fresh, seasonal ingredients before preparing meals with his nutrition clients – and for his lucky family and friends. Jordan’s sister Tami had informed him about a naturopathic doctor selling healthy cheesecake at the Collingwood market. One sunny Saturday he found his way to her booth to see for himself.

As any chef knows, the right mixture of ingredients is key to a delicious meal. Like a favorite recipe coming together effortlessly, Aranka and Jordan discovered a common passion for cooking and teaching about health and nutrition. Before long, The Naturopathic Kitchen was ready to serve and classes began selling out like hot cakes!

Officially founded in the spring of 2012, The Naturopathic Kitchen is a collaboration of these two health-care professionals: naturopathic doctor Aranka Jones and nutritionist & chef Jordan Swartz. They share a mutual interest in providing clients with the opportunity to learn about cooking, food, and health in a relaxed, empowering and deliciously informative group setting.

All classes are held in a spectacular kitchen in the Collingwood area, allowing easy access to the best seasonal and local produce and stunning views of Georgian Bay.